People in every workplace talk about building the team, working as a team, and my team, but few understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team.  Live Now, LLC will provide your teams with concrete tools for engaging the 21st century workforce at a much higher level with empowered teams that collaborate more effectively, create trust and learn how to address issues in a constructive manner.

Susan customizes programs for each organization, since no two organizations have the same culture or mix of people. She helps build cohesive and high performing teams through discovery with team members, assessment tools like
DiSC (DiSC Work of Leaders, DiSC Workplace, DiSC Sales or DiSC Management
), programs like Patrick Lencioni's 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
, and executive, peer and group coaching.

  Clients hire us when they are ready to accelerate the success of their teams!   We will: 

  • Provide tools for effectively communicating across a multi-generational platform
  • Build teams that empowered, supported and effective
  • Teach leaders to understand their employee’s strengths and gaps to unleash their full potential, productivity and influence.
  • Create high performing teams that can understand how to integrate ever changing team dynamics, realign easily and produce world class results.

Let Susan help your organization achieve the goals and excellent results you desire with our Team Building & Coaching programs and services.  
    • Retreats & training with teams using Patrick Lencioni's 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program & DiSC Work of Leaders, Sales, Management & Workplace
    • Emerging & New Leadership Team Building & Development
    • Strategic Planning & Consulting for new leadership looking to create trust & resolve workplace issues in healthy and constructive methods
    • Train the Trainer workshops for HR professionals who want to facilitate 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team DiSC Workplace programs internally.
    • Executive & Group Coaching

"As a new Executive Director, I was struggling with the need to reorganize my entire organization and to inspire the longstanding staff while making these changes. Embedded learned behaviors coupled with a dysfunctional/misaligned structure had created a nearly impossible situation for change. 

Using the DiSC Work of Leaders and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team has given my senior management and management teams the training and skills to discuss and create ALIGNMENT within teams and the entire organization. This has trickled down through the organization as we have continue to invest in professional development and utilize a new common language and agreed upon behaviors.

The success of DiSC retreats and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team at the management level, generated a desire to bring these skills to the entire staff in transforming our culture for the 21st century.   The ROI on this investment is measured in increased trust and communication skills, which has led to more effective collaboration and productivity throughout the organization.  Staff feels like management "cares" and listens to their needs, as well as values and respects each member of our organization.  We had no idea how well received this would be with staff and the positive impact it is having on our workplace
- Executive Director

“I honestly did not know what to expect in the peer coaching sessions, but the meetings have far exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. Susan has created an environment of honesty, trust, and learning where listening takes precedence. She has helped me identify ways in which I can improve my listening skills to better serve students that are in need of personal and professional development.

I believe Peer Coaching can be an essential mechanism for establishing a balance of personal and professional balance to the lives of students on the UM campus.”

-Molecular Biology, University of MD graduate school

“Peer Coach training is a wonderful way that we can reach out to students. After taking the course with Susan Stern and learning the methodology of peer coaching, I feel better prepared to assist students that come to me on a day to day basis – with small issues to large issues. As has been seen, students learning does not end at the classroom or at the bench, but the entire process of being a student and navigating the challenges are also learning opportunities. By assisting students in realizing how to deal with challenges, big or small, we are also teaching them how to deal with them after they leave our institution.
Program Coordinators/Managers of the various academic programs on campus are usually at the front lines. Students come to us frequently with questions, problems (both personal and professional.) Students in our programs generally feel very comfortable in coming to us, and this relationship has already been set up. It would be a great benefit to students and our campus as a whole if these professionals were given the benefit of peer coaching training.”

- Neuroscience, University of MD graduate school

“I like that coaching does not preach a certain way or mentality but instead encourages self-discovery and challenges individuals to evaluate their lives at this moment in time. When focusing on academics it can be easy for students to lose sight of other dimensions of life and coaching can help facilitate awareness of how each dimension fits into the bigger picture.

The training not only helped enhance my listening skills when interacting with students but strengthened my relationships with peers and co-workers as well. I felt affirmed and uplifted after my one on one sessions with Susan. She helped me evaluate my life and brainstorm ways to maximize my potential and cope with challenges. Susan is a fantastic listener and our conversations felt authentic and comfortable.”

- Communications, University of MD graduate school

“The training Susan provided was invaluable as a new coach and higher education professional. As an educator, administrator and former student, we go through life with the mentality that we have fix everything. And fix it immediately. This was exactly my thought process after the initial Wellness Hub Coaching training a few years ago. However, being a coach doesn’t mean you fix other people’s problems. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you help them fix their problems. Susan’s training educated us on how being a coach is about being there for someone/the student, helping them see their life in different viewpoints, and eventually (and hopefully!) giving them the confidence and empowerment to grow through challenges and daily life. As administrators, we need to be more accepting of “non-traditional” viewpoints and processes… Susan’s training used these viewpoints to show us how thinking outside the box can help students create a more dynamic vision for all aspects of their life.”
- URec, University of MD graduate school

“I attended the webinar for balancing marriage in graduate school. I thought that it was amazing and that you did an amazing job. Please let me know if you will have other webinars in the future.”
- Grad student
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