Culture Change

When you are ready to shift your organization's culture to reflect the 21st century workforce...

Live Now, LLC uses DiSC Workplace® to create a common language for culture (behavioral) change in organizations.   We have certified professional Executive Coaches that are experienced in facilitated DiSC® assessments or we can work with your trainers and/or Human Resource professionals to certify them as DiSC® trainers.  

Companies spend billions of dollars annually on professional development and training programs for their employees that don't produce lasting results.  When your organization is ready for a transformational shift in our veteran certified, professional coaches to consult on customized, results-oriented solutions for your organization! 

Let us "train your trainers" and HR professionals become certified DiSC® trainers online or 2 day in-person.
As more and more organizations experience the benefits of bringing Everything DiSC® to their employees, they are also recognizing the importance of having a certified professional in their organization who can keep DiSC® alive within the company’s culture. Wiley’s philosophy behind Everything DiSC® Certification is to put knowledge directly in the hands of the user by offering certification options that meet that person’s style of learning and goals.

Please call Susan at # 410-960-4446 for more information.

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