“The Coaching that Susan provided was phenomenal!  As the owner of a company, I am pulled in multiple directions. I need my employees to take ownership of their teams, set goals, and quantify departmental visions. My company is in a growth mode, and I realized that my employees needed more support and guidance than the company provide internally. Susan’s Coaching helped each team member create a vision and develop great strategies for meeting their goals. Team members were able to acknowledge and reclaim their strengths to motivate co-workers and support staff. In the Months that ensued, I noticed a dramatic increase in morale, employee confidence, and a resulting growth in the generation of revenue. It was a great experience…Coaching works!! We will continue to engage Susan and Live Now for additional assessments and coaching needs.”
-CEO & Esquire, Legal Technology Company

“I was feeling stuck and a bit isolated before I landed in Susan’s office. I had been sitting in limbo over my career for way too long! Susan took me go through a process that helped me gain incredible insight about who I am as an adult. I use to joke around and say, I wonder what I’ll be when I grow up…but now I feel like I have grown up or maybe it was just getting clarity on what I really wanted to do! She helped me define my passions and talents, and then we made mini- goals to keep me moving forward instead of letting my to-do list get out of hand. I highly recommend just picking up the phone and calling Susan- it will change your life!”
-Insurance Industry Executive, Annapolis, 56

"I've had the fortune, over the past 2 1/2 years, to work with Susan Stern three times now. Initially, I hired her as an Executive Coach after attending a workshop where she was presenting to real estate professionals. She was presenting on Business Planning. She was engaging and innovative! At that time, I was considering making a big career move and felt that getting clarity from an Executive Coach would assist me in making an educated and well-processed decision. Ultimately, Susan helped me navigate the decision process and consider all of the options in front of me. My industry was in the midst of tremendous changes. The coaching process with Susan allowed me to get clarity and find alignment with a corporate culture that would best support my professional and personal growth. Her listening skills, and amazing intuition led to reflective questioning and feedback. These working sessions were the key to the right decision and they led to exploration and growth for me, professionally and personally. She was able to read into my needs and wants in areas that I had not yet consciously keyed into yet. Because she was able to intuitively pick up on my needs and wants, I made the best career choice in my professional life. 

Just recently I've moved into a new role at the same company, as Branch Manager. I've once again, started working with Susan. This time to develop a coaching culture for my Sales department. We will be working to further enhance the current sales training which will help develop the performance of my team. Susan's ability to conduct individual assessments, develop tools for sales people, facilitate, and coach will be tied into this new training program that we're developing. While we are still in the development phase, I am very excited to be working with Susan again. She always helps me to stretch beyond my current thought process which leads to amazing new levels for me."

-Branch Manager,  Retail Lending Industry

“Susan, Wow! What a stark difference between you and the business coach that I have been working with for the past two years. You are so uplifting, positive and encouraging! The other coach was not negative but not empowering, in fact he seem to tap right into my fears each meeting. Thank you, Susan, for helping me brings awareness and resolution to a personal issue that I have been working on for over a decade. It cleared the fog, so I was able to get crystal clear on my next career change.   Thanks for all your support!”
-Group President, Healthcare Company,  53

“Before I started working with Susan, I wasn’t sure what a life coach was. Many people are advised to “go to therapy” when going through a divorce, but I felt as though I needed a more forward-thinking approach. Once she explained what she could do for me, I knew that she was exactly what I needed.  Just as an athlete looks to their coach for guidance, support, and direction, an individual can count on their life coach for the same! With Susan’s insight and process, I was able to successfully navigate through a challenging time in my life. And rather than re-hashing the past, we spent our time setting concrete goals and developing a solid plan for my future as a single mom.

Here’s the very best part: Susan does not do the work for you, but empowers you so you can do it yourself. That scared me initially, because I didn’t think I had anything left in me, emotionally. But she very quickly helped me peel away the layers that had built up over the years and discover my core being. Now that I know who I am, I am creating a life path that is true to my values…and the work of healing from a painful experience actually becomes rewarding and enjoyable, because it comes from such a genuine place. I feel as though Susan healed my spirit, and there is no greater gift than that.”

- Director of Marketing & Communications, Baltimore, MD – Single mother of 3

“Susan has been a true inspiration through our coaching sessions. With four children and two divorces, I needed to break some old relationship patterns that obviously were not working for me! Coaching with Susan has given me this awareness and led me away from drama relationships into a wonderfully loving, respectful and easy relationship (and now we are engaged).  Susan helped me get really clear on my current values and what I ultimately want in life. I also changed my work environment since I realized that it was not helping me thrive. 

I’m so grateful that my personal and professional life are both fulfilling and bring positive energy and people into my life, instead of the opposite.  In my profession I have access to many wonderful professionals and when it came to my personal development, I hand-picked Susan.  I feel such positive energy working with Susan and have a great respect for her as a person. “

- Stylist, Towson, MD

“I had been thinking about going back to work for over a year, but not sure what I wanted to do and if anyone even wanted to hire me. With three kids and having been out of the job market for many years, I realized I had many fears around getting back out in the workplace. I met Susan through an old friend and after a 20 minute conversation; I knew she was exactly what I needed! Susan, I cherish my coaching time with you. I thought I was only coming for career guidance but I have made many positive changes in so many areas of my life. Thank you for crossing my path and helping me transform my life!”
- Writer, New York City, NY

“After turning forty, I endured a difficult seven year period during which I faced an un-welcomed career change, a divorce, and near fatal accident. I was struggling to find direction and motivation.  Susan and Live Now have helped me shift my focus, get clarity on what I want out of life and bring back a renewed sense of confidence that I lost along the way.  I highly recommend Susan’s process and wish I had an opportunity to work with her much earlier in my journey.”  
-Financial Consultant, Baltimore, MD

“Susan has a wonderful way of blending her insightful questions and intense focus with her kind and gentle spirit.  It is a pleasure to work with her through various personal and professional issues. During our conversations, I have learned personal truths about myself, while other times, we discuss the crisis of the day. Regardless of the issues, I always find her wise, funny, energetic and supportive of my journey.

I would highly recommend coaching with Susan, especially if you are leading an organization or a team. Everything has changed since we started our relationship and I no longer feel like everything falls on my shoulders. After every meeting with Susan, I feel so inspired and positive about life, which my employees have noted!”

-CEO, Baltimore, MD

“I had been struggling for the past two years to stay focused. I left corporate America to start my own business after my wife and I divorced. I have had lifelong procrastination problems and needed to figure a routine for my current situation, so I could be more productive. Working with Susan, I became aware of my most creative and productive times of the day and was able to break some old habits that kept me stuck and wasted time. I have been coaching with Susan for over a year and this past year: I have increased my business at least 30% and have taken up running and yoga, but the biggest change has been my self-confidence.  Susan will help you to get back a strong sense of self!”
-Publishing, Washington, DC

“Susan’s guidance and techniques have allowed me to develop critical life skills that involved looking at challenges in a new light. Instead of being a victim of life’s curve balls she taught me to see those obstacles as opportunities -opportunities that helped me to grow courage and strength.  I had the best sales year ever last year and I attribute that to our coaching. I learned to recognize my strengths and believe in myself- I had lost that somewhere along the way. Susan taught me to celebrate myself, empower myself and continue to grow through everything that life has to offer.  I am her biggest fan!”
-Advertising Sales, Washington, DC

“Susan, I had an overwhelming experience at our meeting….. I was able to say things that just came out….. You asked if I had “celebrated” the ending of my life as I knew it.  Not really… but after saying it out loud I am now claiming it… I left our meeting with so much energy…..WOW!!   NEXT….  Career….. it is all coming together and I’m feeling lighter than ever.  I’m finally pumped up again … my game plan brought me to my passion and my business niche.  I can’t wait for our next meeting!”
- Wellness Coach, Baltimore, MD

“I can’t say enough positive things about life coaching and Susan Stern. From my personal experience, I truly believe that she changed the way I look at myself, my dreams and the world around me. She gave me the tools and the confidence to make some changes to improve my life, make it more complete.
My time with her was so valuable, that I had I have referred many friends and family members to her.  In fact, I enjoyed my time with Susan so much that I asked her to facilitate a coaching workshop for my girls’ weekend in Florida so they could experience her process. I want to spread the wealth!”

- Medical Practitioner & Coach, Vermont

“I initially came to Susan since the big 50 was around the corner and I was wondering what was next for me.  I had been divorced for four years, with three children and had just come off a serious relationship. I had not expected that I would be in this place at 50. Within a few meetings with Susan, my perspectives about my life and turning 50 completely changed.  I couldn’t believe that 50 was one of the best birthdays and I was really happy with my life in a way that I had never been before.  My time with Susan is not a luxury but a necessity for staying focused, putting my needs first and helping me push the envelope and step in to the next BIG thing! I think Susan is amazing and she blends her coaching with a natural instinct that provides outstanding results.”
- Events Planner, 53, Baltimore, MD

“I am a 38 year old healthy female, athlete and personal trainer and was the happiest I could be at that time … and one day in mid-September of this year I was stuck with an unexpected aneurysm in my leg (popliteal aneurysm). That changed everything…. When going through many long days and nights in the hospital, many complications and procedures, and feeling like it will never end….. I knew right then that this was going to be a life changing experience for me. I was down, depressed, felt weak and could not even begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel till I was introduced to Susan.

Knowing this was a major life changing experience and was completely out of my control, I was desperate for help. I am so thankful and blessed that I was referred to see her. In such a short time that I had met her and worked with her ( only 2 weeks to date), I saw an immediate change in the way I viewed myself, my situation, my outlooks, and most importantly having faith and knowing I was going to be ok.

There are so many levels that she has touched on in making me understand that there is a reason as to why this has happened. More importantly, learning how to deal with it, turn the negative to positive, and focusing on helping me create my new life in knowing it will bring better things to come.
I would absolutely be the same person I was since this happened …. depressed and seeing no light if I had not met with her 2 weeks ago. She has turned my fears into dreams and I am a much better person today because of her and her talent. She is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me in a very long time and she will be to YOU as well!!”

- Athletic Trainer and Coach, 38, Baltimore, MD

“Peer Coach training is a wonderful way that we can reach out to students. After taking the course with Susan Stern and learning the methodology of peer coaching, I feel better prepared to assist students that come to me on a day to day basis – with small issues to large issues. As has been seen, students learning does not end at the classroom or at the bench, but the entire process of being a student and navigating the challenges are also learning opportunities. By assisting students in realizing how to deal with challenges, big or small, we are also teaching them how to deal with them after they leave our institution.
Program Coordinators/Managers of the various academic programs on campus are usually at the front lines. Students come to us frequently with questions, problems (both personal and professional.) Students in our programs generally feel very comfortable in coming to us, and this relationship has already been set up. It would be a great benefit to students and our campus as a whole if these professionals were given the benefit of peer coaching training.”

- Neuroscience, University of MD graduate school

“I like that coaching does not preach a certain way or mentality but instead encourages self-discovery and challenges individuals to evaluate their lives at this moment in time. When focusing on academics it can be easy for students to lose sight of other dimensions of life and coaching can help facilitate awareness of how each dimension fits into the bigger picture.

The training not only helped enhance my listening skills when interacting with students but strengthened my relationships with peers and co-workers as well. I felt affirmed and uplifted after my one on one sessions with Susan. She helped me evaluate my life and brainstorm ways to maximize my potential and cope with challenges. Susan is a fantastic listener and our conversations felt authentic and comfortable.”

- Communications, University of MD graduate school

“The training Susan provided was invaluable as a new coach and higher education professional. As an educator, administrator and former student, we go through life with the mentality that we have fix everything. And fix it immediately. This was exactly my thought process after the initial Wellness Hub Coaching training a few years ago. However, being a coach doesn’t mean you fix other people’s problems. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you help them fix their problems. Susan’s training educated us on how being a coach is about being there for someone/the student, helping them see their life in different viewpoints, and eventually (and hopefully!) giving them the confidence and empowerment to grow through challenges and daily life. As administrators, we need to be more accepting of “non-traditional” viewpoints and processes… Susan’s training used these viewpoints to show us how thinking outside the box can help students create a more dynamic vision for all aspects of their life.”
- URec, University of MD graduate school

“I honestly did not know what to expect in the peer coaching sessions, but the meetings have far exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. Susan has created an environment of honesty, trust, and learning where listening takes precedence. She has helped me identify ways in which I can improve my listening skills to better serve students that are in need of personal and professional development.

I believe Peer Coaching can be an essential mechanism for establishing a balance of personal and professional balance to the lives of students on the UM campus.”

-Molecular Biology, University of MD graduate school

“I attended the webinar for balancing marriage in graduate school. I thought that it was amazing and that you did an amazing job. Please let me know if you will have other webinars in the future.”
- Grad student

“I really enjoyed all the webinars this semester- this is a great service for students. Please let me know if you are doing any more this year.”
- Grad student
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